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Project Terror by Jamal Lewis

RELEASE DATE: October 31, 2017 (Halloween)

In a street war, there's always a body to be discovered. Lamar Dunken is a dedicated monster who presents the perfect image of a street terrorist. He knows how to respond when a desperate crisis threatens his operation, and he exacts horrifying tactics to get things under control. FBI Special Agent Livingston is faced with the serious task of investigating Lamar's tactics while connecting killings start to terrorize Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. 

Also, a violent criminal, locked behind bars a year before Lamar was even born, is back on the streets looking for him. Lamar is forced to call on his deepest strength to face his accusers and ensure that the values that he holds most dear will survive. The nightmare has begun. Again. And, over again.

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The Take by L. Brown

RELEASE DATE: November 7, 2017

No one is safe when a ruthless ring puts together a string of robberies. With stacks of paper on the line, loaded guns, and rushing adrenaline, the take is on! Ghost, fresh out of prison, is torn between a vow to give up the game and the lure of a perfect heist. Who wouldn't want to get six-figures richer in less than three minutes? One robbery can't hurt, can it? Broken promises. Ruthless rivals. Kill or die? A circle torn apart by envy, greed, and shattered egos. Betrayal and deception. But nothing, including the Feds, can stop...The Take.

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A Butler Christmas by Rahiem Brooks

RELEASE DATE: December 5, 2017

Naim Butler, a rainmaker, has perfected the art of sentencing mitigation, as a partner with Manhattan power-firm, Baker and Keefe. He's the kind of captivating and accomplished man that therapists vent too. His bachelorhood is turned upside down when an old flame, Sinia Love, drops a seventeen-year-old son into his lap forcing him to balance this revelation and his budding romance with Brandy Scott.

Professionally, Naim's assigned to prove a man's innocence of murder is filthy work itself, but catastrophic when an envious lover of Sinia Love's sets out to kill him while hiding amongst the glitterati of Manhattan's upper crust.

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One Day You Will by Kristofer Clarke

RELEASE DATE: November 21, 2017

Syreeta Mercer, a successful Lawyer from Atlanta, lived her life as daddy’s little girl, and she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. She’s known only one man as her father, but two weeks after laying him to rest, she is startled by the news that this might not be her truth and everyone else’s lie. Against her mother’s wishes and warnings, Syreeta embarks on her own search that may result in more harm than good, revealing a reality from which she has been protected. Is she better off leaving well enough alone? 

Jelani Graybourne was the man of many women's dreams. He’s lived a successful, mistake-free life, until he met the one mistake that was Samantha Wells. She’s made promises she always kept. Now, she’s back, and unlike her first time around, loving Jelani might not be the first thing on her mind. If she has her way, her plan could topple the foundation on which the Graybourne brand is built. Jelani was able to avoid her ruin once, but could he avert her devious plot again? Is there someone else with an equally malicious intent?

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The Drunk Detective by Mary Jean Curry

RELEASE DATE: March 18, 2018

Dotty Davis belongs to that sub-genre of hard-boiled, sleazy, overweight, boozing, and otherwise disgusting private detectives increasingly offered as protagonists working for the "betterment" of humankind. Nonetheless exhibiting a modicum of charm through her heavy-handed humor, Dotty proceeds to wiggle her way out of several murder charges after answering a middle-of-the-night call from the male prostitute living downstairs from her. Soon after, Dotty, removed a dead, Catholic nun from his bed, someone rigs an explosion, sending the gigolo to the hospital. And then there's more dead bodies for Dotty to contend with, and both the police and a killer are looking for her.

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Summa Cum Laude by R.A. Harrison

RELEASE DATE: May 8, 2018

Dr. Gail Brown is living the good life. She's the powerful Vice President of Student Affairs at Lewis H. Latimer University, a doting wife, mother of two lovely children, and needs a break from the stress of it all.  

Attempting to escapes another boring evening at home, VP Brown goes out for a night on the town. The club scene has never been her forte, but after a few drinks and an unforgettable one night stand, she realizes that she probably should have spent the evening with her family as planned.  

College juniors, Jamal and Carter, learn quickly that college is more than parties and fun. After receiving another bad report card, they devise a plan to graduate college at the head of their class.

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Gray Hawk of Terrapin by Moss Whelan


Gray Hawk of Terrapin is a heart-wrenching Y/A fantasy by Moss Whelan that introduces Melanie (Mool) Fraser.

Ever since her father’s death, Mool has been talking with an imaginary green lion named Inberl. When Mool’s mysterious uncle gets sick, she and her mother take the train from Vancouver, Canada to the inner world of Terrapin, where Inberl is arrested because he’s looking for Gray Hawk. Springing into action, Mool sets out to rescue Inberl.Mool’s know-it-all cousin, Olga, helps track down family friend Parshmander who might know how to save Inberl. They corner Parshmander at home, where they overhear mention of Gray Hawk, but the girls are captured and interrogated. Upon release, Mool feels success when she sees a secret map, finds a hidden bridge and crosses it with Olga. On the other side of the bridge, they find a secret city that keeps Terrapin at war. Prepare yourself for a wrenching journey laced with evil, chronicling histories of cruelty, kidnapping, and false imprisonment in search of meaning and justice.

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